Our Desire Will Ruin Us

by Fortitude


Outside of drum and bass I mainly spend most of my time playing guitar and messing around making noise. I spent a lot of my youth in bands ranging from alternative emo rock to thrash metal to a completely improvised funk band. I drifted away slightly when drum and bass took over but i've never strayed far from the grunge, alt rock and post rock sound of my younger years. A few years ago i dusted off the old Les Paul, Marshall amp and effects pedals and slowly got back into playing, singing and writing again.

So here are 8 tracks that have come together over the last year or two. Some instrumental stoner jams, an acoustic one, some space rock and some dirty sludge. I know a lot of people into our style of hard dnb also come from a rock and metal background so I'm simultaneously nervous and excited to put these out.

1. Curve
2. Sustain
3. Kind
4. Drifting
5. Fools Day
6. I Am The Spirit Who Denies
7. The World the Way You Want
8. Seasons

Music Coming very soon...


released June 30, 2017

Guitar, bass, programmed drums and vocals by Fortitude



Fortitude UK

Heavy drum and bass Dj and producer based in UK.

Alt Rock / Grunge Side project on the way.

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